quotes on historiography

Tag: Global History

Sources of signification

…I learned that history implies extracting meaning, including political meaning, from both collective and individual experiences. History can be the interpretation of human change over time in a given society. But history, […] is also a critical and restrained attempt at disclosing the source of signification that made this past real, sometimes too real, to its contemporaries and to us, its interpeters.

Federico Finchelstein, Transatlantic Fascism: Ideology, Violence, and the Sacred in Argentina and Italy, 1919-1945, (Duke University Press, 2010), 3.

The Great War

History, unlike a scientific experiment, does not repeat itself exactly, but it does offer lessons for those alert to them and sufficiently unbiased to avoid twisting them for political or personal gain.

John H. Morrow Jr., The Great War – An Imperial History, (Routledge, 2004), xii.

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