quotes on historiography

Tag: Cultural History

Sexual heterogeneities

Our epoch has initiated sexual heterogeneities.

Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality Vol.1, (Vintage Books, 1990), 37

Oral History

…there’s more to history than presidents and generals, and there’s more to culture than the literary canon.

Alessandro Portelli, The Death of Luigi Trastulli, (SUNY Press, 1991), viii

Societies and punishment

All societies experience crime, but punishment reflects the very nature of a polity.

Lynn Hunt, Inventing Human Rights, (W. W. Norton, 2008), 139.

The definitive answer?

It may seem that the past is by definition over, but the past is always changing because historians and the purpose of history are changing too.
Every new age looks for an understanding of its time, and without history it would not have one.

Lynn Hunt, Writing History in the Global Era, (Norton, 2014), 11.

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